The Perfect Fit

At First Focus, we are looking for the right companies in which to invest. And while we are confident there are many excellent companies run by smart, hardworking people, we’re even more confident that the right companies can benefit significantly by having First Focus as a strategic, long-term partner.

First Focus Perfect Fit companies are those with:

  • a track record of good margins and profitability,
  • an understanding of where they fit in their industry, and
  • the knowledge required to know how to grow in their markets.

We’re not looking for huge, potentially destabilizing growth stories; we’re looking for solid businesses in which we see long-term, organic growth potential, as these are the kinds of companies we can help take to the next level.

But it’s not just about the numbers.

At First Focus, we want to work with companies who have a culture and legacy which is critical to the business and to the people who work there. Without that, there can be no perfect fit.

Our current focus is on companies:

  • in the lower end of the middle market with enterprise values up to $25 million
  • who maintain primary business operations in the Midwest.

We are interested in varying levels and types of investments which afford First Focus controlling interest that will add measurable value to the growth goals of the company.

While we are continually developing and expanding our industry focus, the businesses in which we are actively pursuing partnerships are:

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What makes the First Focus Perfect Fit so attractive is the unique combination created by the opportunity we have to work with outstanding companies run by people who share our approach to building an increasingly profitable business over a long period of time.
We’re looking for solid businesses in which we see long-term, organic growth potential.”